Out of Body and Disembodied: What’s the Evidence? by Julien Musolino


One of these days, I was watching the MOOC’s lectures “Sould Beliefs: Causes and Consequences“. In one of the lectures the speaker was the Dr. Julien Musolino from Rutgers University. His goal for that speech was dissuade his audience to give up from soul beliefs or survive after the death of the body.

So he defines traditional soul as:

  • Non-physical/immaterial, distinct from the body
  • Endows us with some of our psychological functions
  • Capable of surviving the death of our bodies – and preserve some of its psychological functions

He argues that:

  • Contrary to what many people believe, there is no real evidence supporting the existence of the soul
  • Modern physics, biology and psychology render the existence of the soul extremely implausible.
  • There is solid evidence supporting the conclusion that our minds arise from the operation of our brains. (we are our brains and bodies and there is no physical meaning)
  • We have nothing to lose morally, spiritually or aesthetically by giving up our souls beliefs.

And at the end of his presentation, he ends his speech with this “positive message”:

“If the current scientific, consensus is correct, you may have ‘lost your soul’ but you certainly haven’t lost your ability to think, to feel, to love, to tell right from wrong, and to be happy. Sunsets are still beautiful and love still feels wonderful whether or not you have a soul.”

I am not a religious person but I respect others beliefs. In my opinion, some beliefs that we have work as guides which help us to surpass hard times as a loss of a loved one. Believing that our connections aren’t lost at moment that someone dies it’s comforting. And someone being as rude as this Dr. was in his speech judging the Americans arguing his astonishment regarding USA being a civilized country and however having a high percentage of its population which has soul beliefs. Basically if you study and you’re an educated person in Sciences, you should not have such beliefs. He didn’t say it but I guess he believes that the soul believers are a bunch of ignorants.

I thought about that for a while and I couldn’t set up a position in whether what I really do believe.

But after some days, as I was reading the book “The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick” from Gene Stone, and I underlined a very interesting passage

“Put it very simply, if you live your live believing that God exists, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain (you’ll go to heaven). If you’re wrong, however, you’ve lost nothing. But if you bet that God doesn’t exist, and you’re right, you’ll gain nothing, because when you die, it’s all over. And if you were wrong, then you really lose, because you will be consigned to hell for eternity”


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