Today I received a WordPress email “Keep it up! It’s time for your next post”. I think I needed some push to get down to work.

This last Tuesday, 25th February, I decided to visit Minden which is in the other corner of NRW’s state. To avoid spending more than 8 hours in the train I decided to request some couch in the neighborhood. This time accounted as the third time I am doing it but first time alone. Couchsurfing is amazing. My lemma is: «with couchsurfing you don’t spend money and you still share experiences». Are you curious, adventurous and open-minded? Then go ahead and join the club!

ImageThis was my last week in Germany and I tried to visit nice places as much as I could. Make photographic reports and write write and write. Somehow when I am travelling I feel like doing both. Write and photograph.

Around 16pm I reached Minden (Westf). One train station before Minden (Westf) is the station named Porta Westfalica which is not the huge monument’s name as I thought before. Porta Westfalica is gorge and a water gap (according with the Wikipedia) and the monument is visible from the top of the hill, powerful and glitzy it is Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal (Denkmal means monument in German). At the moment I saw it I felt like going there right away but I had send a message to Alex (my host) sharing my desire to go there at the sunset and I was about to find out that was the best decision.

As I arrive to my destination I was feeling very enthused about the town. I followed the pedestrian’s directions which allowed me to easily reach the city center and on my way I found my model. I grabbed my camera and I started shooting at the entry of a kiosk. A dog was majestically lying there. So confident and haughty he was. Suddenly two fellows coming from the left started to shout at me. Grinning I explained them I was just clicking the dog’s photo. They ended up inviting me to go inside and pampering the dog.  It was a very nice way to start my trip through the city.

ImageIn the information office the women gave me a map. When I asked her if it was possible to easily reach the monument from the train station she explained that would take me at least one hour walking up the hill or taxi. Disappointed with that information my hope relied on Alex.

In two hours I could check the cathedral, historical town hall, some amazing historic buildings and the riverside.

historic buildingImagealong the riverImagePedestrian bridge

When I finally reach the pedestrian bridge I received Alex’s message. Time to go to “Porta Westfalica” before the suns goes down. Fortunately he had a car and we reach it in 10 min from the city center (Thanks Alex!!).

Imageme at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal

I really enjoyed this city. It really relaxed me walking through the amazing old town and photographing. Near the river Weser I felt serene and amused.

Alex showed to be very warming person and a great host and we were chatting for hours drinking wine and eating pizza in his living room. We didn’t run out of topics the entire evening. Travels, books, history was in our main conversation topics. It flowed easily through all that themes. I couldn’t have had a better way of ending my trip in Minden.



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