Aachen – The Imperial City


Today I want to talk about the Imperial City of Aachen and what is so important about it. I simply love this city and here is 7 facts about it (the first 7 that come to my mind!!!)

1) Centre of Charlemagne (747–814) Empire

Historical facts: Charlemagne built one of the greatest empires of his times and Aachen was the Centre of it. The Route Charlemagne comprises several places of interest from which Aachen Cathedral is its centerpiece. On his death, Charlemagne was entombed there, and the subsequent Roman German kings chose Aachen as their preferred place of coronation. Nowadays has truly magnificient treasures and is the highest point of atraction in the city.


Aachen Cathedral

Personal opinion: I simply love this cathedral. From outside it is possible to distinguish several construction details that give the feeling of its cross over the time. From inside it is so impressive to see all the different patterns in the walls. Every piece of it has its peculiarity.  There is any particular style, but a fatal misture that trascend every and each visitor. It is charming, gracious and mostly potent. Definitely worth more than one visit.


me the first time in the Cathedral


inside Cathedral

2) Aachen’s Cathedral belong to UNESCO list of World Heritage sites


View to the Cathedral in the Winter

3) Favorable Location where Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet


There is a panoramic lift where you can see all three lands!

4) Bad Aachen Bathing tradition: Carolus Thermen

Historical facts: Aachen has a bathing tradition due to its water springs. Roman legionaires, Frankish warriors, medieval monks – Charlemagne bathed here, even Casanova was present. A multitude of crowned persons among the guests brought Aachen the title “Bath of the kings”.  2000 years of bathing tradition!

Personal opinion: Amazing day can be spent in Carolus thermen. Take the day to relax and enjoy the different pools available. Definitely you will feel like a new person, 10 years younger!

5) Lindt Factory: Chocolates!


You might now these chocolates and yes they are the most Aachener chocolates. Therefore don’t forget to visit the Lindt Factory Outlet where you can get all sorts of their chocolates at very attractive prices! 😉

6) Charming Christmas Market

First time I taste hot wine. It was indeed very weird when I first hear about such a thing. But now, there is no time I go to a Christmas Market and I don’t order one Glühwein!

All the Christmas Markets in Germany are so typical, traditional, cosy and take us automatically into Christmas spirit! “Frohe Weihnachten!!”


Charlemagne Palace from the Route Charlemagne

7) Charlemagne Preize: What is Charlemagne Prize?



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